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Anxiety and Depression Treatment Center Newport beach, CA.92660
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If you are reading this web site you, or someone you know, may have a depressive or anxiety disorder. If you think that you could possibly benefit from cognitive-behavior therapy you are welcome to give us a call. On the phone we will be happy to schedule an initial consultation or answer any questions you may have. If you would like, one of our psychologists will call you back and discuss your situation to determine if we are an appropriate center for you to seek treatment. More important than you treating with us, is you treating in a facility and with a therapist that is most suitable for you and your problem. If for some reason we are not the best facility for you we will let you know and make a recommendation.

If you decide to schedule an appointment we will have you fill out paperwork and bring it to your first session. In the first session we will review, in detail, the paperwork you filled out. We will take a thorough and comprehensive history that will allow us to understand you and the problems that brings you to us. In addition to getting to know each other, hopefully during the first session or two, we will collaboratively set treatment goals and develop a plan of action. Also, during the first few sessions we will both get a sense of whether we can work together. Because therapy often involves talking about emotionally painful and sensitive experiences, it is important that you feel that you are with a safe and trusted person who has nothing but your best interests and your needs in mind. At the end of the first or second session we should be able to give you an idea of the expected length of treatment although, at times, we can give an estimate after talking to you briefly on the phone.

If you would like to schedule an appointment or if you would like to speak with one of our therapists please call (949) 222-2848.